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The story of Roskorwell started with a young boy on his family’s farm, fascinated by the land and what it can produce. It’s grown into a tale of apples, lavender, and saffron; nurtured and harvested in the beautiful Cornish landscape.

Mark grew up on his grandparents’ farm. His childhood was made up of summer harvests and autumn cider making, sides of bacon hanging up to cure, and soil-covered crops from market gardens. Not all his memories are as nostalgic: it was a hard-working subsistence lifestyle for his family, and Mark grew up appreciating the realities of farming. This didn’t put him off…

Sam wasn’t born a land girl, but became one, cheerfully swapping stilettos for wellies to share Mark’s love of the soil. Together at Roskorwell, they’re realising Mark’s dream of running his own farm using sustainable and respectful methods, and processing the crops in traditional ways.

Growing apples, lavender and crocuses sounds idyllic; however like any farming, there’s a lot of sheer hard graft, long hours, and mud! It’s been a tale of sore-knees and sweat so far, but it’s worth every blister. 


It’s a simple one, really. We want to work with nature and alongside our neighbours, to farm sustainably in way that doesn’t diminish or unbalance the local ecosystems. With the production side of the business, we’re committed to working in ways that are as low impact as possible.

Our farming and production methods are small-scale and traditional, and we’re keeping alive the skills that Mark learned at his grandparents’ farm, and that were previously passed down to them. We’re often asked if we’re aiming for organic certification, and the answer is that we may in the future. For now, we’re simply concentrating on growing, harvesting and processing quality produce while respecting nature and giving something back to the land.

The gently-fertile Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall was the perfect place to set up our venture. We hope you can come and visit us, and take a tranquil stroll through Roskorwell’s orchards and fields, breathing in the scents of lavender and Cornish sea air.