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Our Lavender

Welcome to Cornwall’s first lavender farm. Come and visit our lavender fields which are planted across six acres of well-drained Lizard soil, where the scents from the flowers mingle with the fresh sea air. 

Lavender’s many amazing properties have been known for centuries; and its name comes from the Latin laver, meaning “to wash” (the Romans were partial to a nice lavender bath). Used in perfumes for its gorgeous scent, and in essential oils for its relaxing qualities, it’s also a surprisingly good culinary herb.

We chose to grow lavender because of its many wonderful uses, and because we could process the plants on site. Harvested in the mornings, the lavender is brought back to the barn for steam distillation. If we were being truly traditional, this would happen over roaring fires; however we prefer to use a custom-made still which guarantees that the product is pure and a lot safer to extract. We use the distilled oil to make oils and scrubs – but first we leave the oil to mature for a while, as it ages like a good wine!

Also like vineyard production, different varieties have significantly different characteristics, with individual properties. They are also ready to harvest at different times. Because of this, we currently grow seven different types of lavender. 

Our Different Types of Lavender...

  • Grosso

    long-stemmed with dark blue foliage. Great for distilling to make oils for soaps.

  • Edelweiss

    distinctive white flower structures and long stems, harvested for bunches.

  • Imperial Gem

    striking blue flowers harvested to make essential oils.

  • Melissa Lilac

    subtle bluey-purple flowers which are lovely to cook with, and are also used in perfume.

  • Folgate

    aromatic blue flowers, harvested for essential oils for massage and perfume.

  • Hidcote

    the “old English” variety with deep bluey-purple flowers. It’s distilled to produce oils for perfumery and massage.

  • Maillette

    a subtle lavender in all senses, this gentle variety has violet flowers with oil much favoured by perfumers and aromatherapists.